I'm excited you're interested in a custom work of art.

Step 1: Submit a "Commission Request" located below. Please include the following:

Subject: Let me know if something on this site has inspired you. Intren I will use it to inspire me to create you a one of a kind piece.

Size: How big do you want the piece(s) to be?

Quantity: How many finished pieces do you need?

Color: What color scheme are you looking for?

Placement: If you would like a mock-up of the piece in the desired area simply send a photo of the area you plan to display it.

Step 2: We Discuss and Clarify.

I will reply to the "Commission Request" email. We will go over the details submitted to make sure I have a clear vision of what you want.

Step 3: First Installment.

Once all the details are worked out you will receive an email with an invoice for the required non-refundable installment of 50%.

Commission Request

Please fill out the information below.